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Creating Whiteboard Explainer Videos is now a!


Add zing to your explanation

Bring in a combination of text, images, self-drawing elements and your own voice to the video on the infinite canvas for free form expression.


You don't have to be an artist. Neither are we

Use the out-of-box library of self-drawing elements to add a new engaging dimension to your video.  Use the innovative image trace feature to transform yourself as a professional sketch artist to create your own self-drawing sketches and add to the library.


'Misteaks' are fine. We've got you covered

Record your video in bite-sized segments - no need to plan upfront. Simply "rewind" to the previous state if any segment is not upto your expectation.


Share your creation to amaze everyone around

Publish the videos directly on the web and social media for others to instantly grasp the essence in the best possible form


Dash your way to creative awesomeness!

Explainer videos brewed from Project Expresso

Project Expresso is for You, me and everyone else who dread at the thought of creating a video all by themselves